Sunday, January 17, 2010

Five Months

Riley is 5 months old today! He is (mostly) potty-trained, bites a lot less than he used to, can sit and lie down on command, and is becoming a good leash-walker. I often have to remind myself that he will not be a puppy forever - thank goodness! Puppies are sure cute, but a happy well-adjusted dog just can't be beat.David found a treat at Petsmart that I am beginning to think of as the Miracle Chew. They're pig skin. Like all dog products, they're not cheap, but thinking of the many hours of peace these chews will give me makes me think it was a good investment! The cats, who are presently not being chased, agree.Just in case, though, Holly is hiding. See? Can't see her can you? Sorry about the poor picture quality - the flash was off.

8:30 addition: Early bedtime for the doggy. He finally succeeded in his quest to capture the cord to the lamp. The lamp came crashing off the table and the room went dark. He won't be a puppy forever, he won't be a puppy forever, he won't be a puppy forever.


Keetha said...

But still - look how cute he is! Sorry about the lamp, though.

Keetha said...

Re: gumbo - you can definitely leave the shrimp out! Most recipes have either chicken and sausage OR seafood, rarely both.

We just did it that way. :-)