Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Off-Road to Wedded Bliss

We went off-roading this weekend at the Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch in Seymour. The cows seemed so glad for company! The smaller ones kind of reminded us of Tuley...hmmm....
The wildflowers were really pretty. I took pictures of them during our stops. Here's David in his 1971 Series IIa.
And here's my favorite Rover guy at the end of our run.
Sorry for the delay in posting! Here's a few quick updates:
  • Mom and I started shopping for wedding flowers at Midwest Gardens in Ozark. We'll check a couple of other places and then decide on one.
  • We spent Father's Day evening with my dad in Monett. He's now an official member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society! I hope they call him to be a BBQ judge!
  • Christina and I returned to David's Bridal to order the bridesmaid dresses. They'll be beautiful!
  • Reception destination may be changing, so we're looking for new ideas...any thoughts?
  • We heard from Rev. Burwick with St. Peter's Church in Billings - we've been approved! We didn't doubt, but it sure was nice to get confirmation!
  • Hobby Lobby is starting to put out their Christmas decorations. Normally, I'd be appalled by starting Christmas in June, but it's more exciting this year! I've made one big purchase - a stick with frosted berries on it.
  • David's sister and brother-in-law will be coming in late July. It will be great to see them!

Next on the list is a d.j. for the reception, but I guess we'd better figure out where that will be first! If you've got any ideas, we're certainly open to suggestion!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Fortune

These were our fortunes from our favorite Chinese buffet in Branson from a few weeks ago: Sounds like a good year to me!

Conquering the Elusive Bridesmaid Dress

Yesterday my three dear friends and mom sacrificed their Saturday to go in search of dresses in the perfect shade of red - cranberry? claret? crimson? slutty? cherry? Who knew there were so many names for red! We began our day at David's Bridal with Michelle. We found three different dresses that everyone liked. We moved on to lunch at Panera - yummy - and then to McDaniel Bridal. McDaniel proved to be more difficult as the sample sizes were very limited. Although Jenna did her best, in the end our imaginations just couldn't believe that we could order dresses in colors and sizes we hadn't seen. Exhausted and going through caffeine withdrawal, we stopped at Sonic to refuel. In true elementary teacher style (3 of the 5 of us either were or are elementary teachers), the girls took a secret vote by closing their eyes and voting for the dresses at David's or McDaniel. We found that all three liked the dresses at David's better, so we took our tiny sample of fabric that matches my dress back into David's to see if "Apple" was our color. Michelle seemed glad to see us despite our misbehaving of the morning, and guess what!? Apple from David's seems to perfectly match Burgundy by BMD. Who knew! So...dresses have been selected and here they are:
I'm sure they're all at home practicing their sassy poses right now. :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

New Header!

It took me two days and a borrowed picture, but we finally have a new header!!! I love it! I borrowed the header from here - hope they don't mind!