Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Dog

Who had a great weekend at the lake?  This guy.  
 Naps on the porch,
 Swims with his best dog buddy,
 And after-swim drying off naps.
He was worn out, but oh so glad to get to enjoy the first swim of 2017.

Monday, May 1, 2017


It has rained, and rained, and rained.  Last I heard, this April will take it's place among the 5th wettest Aprils in my area. The ground can take no more, and the lakes and rivers are overflowing.  On Sunday, over 700 roads were closed due to flooding.

What's one to do while it rains and rains and rains?  Go to lunch and flea marketing with a friend, of course!  Christina and I had lunch and dessert at our favorite tea room to celebrate her birthday, then spent some time seeing what treasures we could find.  A couple of booths had 50% off, which made treasure hunting even more exciting.  I've had my eye on the bear at the left since before Christmas, but his adoption fee was just a bit more than I was willing to pay.  As luck would have it, he was in one of the 50% off booths!  I think he's just the perfect little bear for the old toy display.
In that same booth, there was a little antique doll bed.  It was originally marked $18, then down to $12.  At only $6, I couldn't resist.  Silly, I know!  I had to bring it home too.  What can I say?  I like toys!  Especially old ones.  I covered it's mattress with some ticking fabric and made a little pillow out of fabric Christina had given me.  The little quilt is the main reason I bought the bed - it was with some of my Grandmother's things when we cleaned out her apartment.  I wish I knew more about it - whether she made it or where it came from, but I love it just the same.  If anyone needs me to do any adulting, I'll be upstairs playing with my toys.
 On Sunday, once the rain had let up, we headed to the cabin to see the fallen tree and see how high the water was.
 This big pretty oak had fallen over during a storm earlier in the week.  It will really make the cabin look bare in the front until we're used to it or plant something else, but we are all very thankful that it fell the direction it did rather than back toward the cabin.  The damage to the deck appears pretty minimal, all things considered.  The big tree is scheduled for removal today.
 The lake has been very low since last fall, but that has certainly changed in the last few weeks!  It's much higher than I've seen it, and it'll be a while before anyone can get to the docks.
Many people have suffered significant damage to property because of the flooding, so we certainly can't complain.  I will sure be glad to see the sun again though!