Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Summer Daydreams

Over the weekend, we got Riley's life jacket out to see how much too big it was.
 The answer - much too big!  Annie looks rather indignant because we were laughing.  There's room for another dog in there!  Well, almost. 
 We stayed home and had a very small Super Bowl party - 2 people and 2 animals.  Annie was delightfully worn out by her time at the lake, so she slept through part of the game.
 Even though it was just us, we still needed Super Bowl food, so we had a Dinky's Diner themed meal.  Dinky's was a little food trailer in Reeds Spring when I was a kid, and they served all tiny foods.  I thought that was the best, so the tiny tacos that David got for New Year's Eve inspired me.  We had tiny tacos, corn dog nuggets, and teeny burgers.
 The weekend was fun - maybe a little too much fun.  This was Annie's version of "kennel up!" this morning.  It's kind of funny, except when it's making me late.  Silly dog!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Annie - 16 weeks

Hi Everybody!  I'm officially 16 weeks old.  I can sit, stay, wait, shake, and lie down.  I still enjoy chasing the cat, but I'm showing signs of self control.  I'm not sure what exactly self control is, but I know that it's really hard not to chase the cat!  I got another round of shots at the vet (how many rounds can there possibly be?!), but I still love going to the vet because they love me there and they give me treats.  She looked at my teeth and said I'm a snaggletooth with still some baby teeth and some big dog teeth.  I am really good at using my teeth!  I got a new harness that makes my leash attach in the front.  I like it because it doesn't pull on my neck!  Mom says it's helping me walk nicer on my leash.  I have been to 2 puppy classes, and I am the STAR student!  I'm the only student, but still, I'm a STAR!  I almost always do my business outside, but about once a week I like to remind my family that I'm still a puppy!  I will be 4 months old in less than a week.  I hear something about a special treat that 4 month old puppies get.  I'm looking forward to that, whatever it is!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Lake Fun and a Bark Box

The weather gods apparently decided that we'd suffered enough, so this past weekend, the sun shone and the air was warm.  Annie got a good sample of how much she'll enjoy the lake.
 She even got to take her first boat ride!  It was on Todd's paddle boat.  She didn't seem to be concerned, but it's definitely time to start looking at life jackets for her.
 We got to see the sweet, quiet side of a dog who has had lots of fresh air and exercise.
 I cannot believe the difference in the two pictures below!  They're taken only 4 weeks apart, but it looks like two different animals.
 She was also excited to open the latest Bark Box late last week.  I am pretty smitten with the themes and the quality of the toys.  This month's theme is Knights of the Hound Table.  I laugh every time I offer Squirrel Lancelot to her. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Poor Puppy

 This poor dog.  No one ever plays with her.  
 She never gets to sleep on the couch. 
 She hardly has any toys.
And no one would play with her in the snow yesterday.

She's got it rough. ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ringing in the New Year with a New Pup

Sometimes, Annie bites.  Sometimes, she's a full on wolverine.  Sometimes she chases the cat.  Looking at this picture though?  You'd never guess!  Most of the time, she is just as sweet as she looks.
 We rang in the new year with Todd, Kevin, Scott, and Emma.
Thankfully, Annie decided a nap was in order.  Emma was relieved!
 The week between Christmas and New Year, I was off work and enjoyed the time with Annie.  It felt like a huge accomplishment that I was able to make and drink a cocoa without her getting into any trouble.
 She was a big help in the kitchen.  Here she is helping make chili...and wondering why the baby gate is preventing her from getting to the couch, where she'd really like to nap.
 She discovered a similar spot at the cabin...I'm sure it's a coincidence that there is a heat register under the sink!
 I keep trying to tell her about the joys of being a lake dog.  In these temps, she's still not buying it!
 What?  Why am I supposed to be excited about this?  I'm not getting in there.  It's COLD!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy 1st Christmas, Annie!

Just a week after picking Annie up, she got to learn about Christmas.  She met Riley's best friend, Emma.  Much to Emma's dismay, Annie would really like Emma to be her best friend as well.  
 She enjoyed her first visit to the cabin, as well as a visit from Santa.
 I learned that she is a willing photography subject, as long as I have treats in hand.
 She learned that if you are cute enough, you will be invited on to the furniture at the cabin.

Annie seemed to enjoy her first Christmas!  Now that she understands how it works, she'll probably start working on her list early next year!  Don't tell her, but I might have bought her a few things for next year on clearance this year.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Little Miss Magic

Introducing the one and only...Annie the Wonder Springer!
 After loosing Riley, we began to apply for rescued Springers.  I lost track of just how many I applied for, but we didn't get chosen because we had a cat, or we were too far away, and in some cases, we just never heard a  response.  We considered other rescues and other breeds, and that was all well and good, until we'd see a picture of a Springer.   With no success in rescue, when David showed me the picture of a litter of Springers about 4 hours away from us, I couldn't help but say yes.
 We picked by her picture, but then made the trip to meet her in person and make sure she was the one.
 She wasn't old enough to come home with us, so we returned home, enjoyed our vacation, and this past weekend, drove back to fetch our pup.
 It was so nice to get pictures from the breeder while we waited!
 Annie was a little less than thrilled when we drove away, taking her from her home and siblings.  Some ear piercing howling took place, until she began to settle in with us for the long drive home.
 By the time we were closer to home, she'd began to accept her fate and settled down.
 I think now acceptance is bordering on bonding.  She's happy to see us when she wakes up, but can still break out that howl if we have the audacity to leave her in a room by herself, or heaven forbid - her crate.
 She's just the sweetest ball of fur - with the sharpest teeth!  We're trying to teach her that we are not her toys, but sometimes she forgets, as my dad found out while puppy-sitting today. :)
I'm looking forward to having some time over the holidays to work with her, but even more, to snuggle her.