Sunday, July 13, 2014

Treasure Hunting

I am really enjoying these long weekends and will be a little sad when they're over!  It will be nice to return to a normal 8 hour work day though.  Last Friday, the weekend started with a fun girls' day with Mom, Aunt Connie, and Grandmother.  

Saturday we continued what might be a new hobby for us...another auction.  This wasn't as big as the one we attended a few weeks ago, but there was still a LOT of stuff!
 We are learning along the way - things like, some people don't follow the rules, some people have the same taste as us and will bid on all the things we're interested in, and I spend way too much time thinking before I put my hand in the air.
 The picture above is just a very small selection of the HUGE amount of galvanized stock tanks, buckets, tubs, etc. at this farm auction.  David went to check on the second ring while I stayed close to the Mason jars and sent a text telling me that he'd found the mother load of galvanized stuff.  He was right!  We brought home the two stock tanks to add to our raised bed garden for next year, as well as the two milk cans that David wanted.  And a wash tub on a stand, which I have been wanting for quite a while!  We also brought home a couple of Corning Ware dishes for Mom!  We felt like we were pretty successful at this auction.  Maybe a little TOO successful!
This was inside the barn.  My photography teacher in college told us that she'd seen enough pictures of barns, kittens, and babies to last her a lifetime and that we should find something else to photograph, but I just can't help a barn picture every now and then.

After we got home, we went to dinner with friends.  After we parked and were walking toward the restaurant, a woman parked next to us commented on the stock tanks that were still in the back of the truck and asked if we wanted to sell them.  In retrospect, I think I shouldn't have been so quick to say no.  We might have turned a profit on our auction day!  Oh well...I am already planning next year's bigger better garden.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Independence Day

This year we spend the 4th of July with David's family in Oklahoma.  Edmond has a great 4th of July parade, and the weather was perfect.  We stood and sat in the shade with a nice breeze.
 I thought this was really neat - boy scouts were carrying this very large flag along the parade route.
 There were lots of floats, bands, and other groups.  This was a neat old military truck.
 I'm not so good at the selfie. ;)  I keep getting my arm in the shot!
 After the parade, we went to his cousin's to have lunch and see everyone.  All three of his dad's sisters were able to be there, and lots of cousins.
 I didn't take many pictures, but we had a great time visiting with everyone.
 After a nice long nap, we met up with his cousin again to watch the fireworks at the UCO campus.
Before leaving OKC on Saturday, we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial at the site of the Alfred P Murrah building.  It's a very sobering place, but I'm glad we went.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stars and Stripes

We enjoyed our first pedicures so much that Mom and I went back for a second.
 It's probably a good thing that we just discovered this indulgence.  Now that I know how nice it is not to paint your own walls OR toes, I may be in trouble. ;)
 Grandmother went with us this time and seemed to enjoy the massage chair!
I enjoyed the beaches last time, but this time went with a patriotic look for the 4th of July.  It was another fun pedicure day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A New Look for the Kitchen

Here's an old picture of the kitchen, before the new counters, sink, faucet, and knobs.  The walls are a light neutral with a slight pinkish cast.
A little closer view...
And here's the kitchen with the new honey beige paint!
 In some lights, it's much more honey, in other lights, much more beige.
 Either way, it's warm and gives the kitchen a nice warm glow.
 And, just like the bathroom, the best part is that I didn't have to do it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Bathroom Paint

Soon after we moved in, almost 9 years ago, I stripped the wallpaper from the master bath and painted it this dark blue.  It looked first.  Soon though, the paint began flaking away from the places where I hadn't sanded off enough of the wallpaper glue.  
 It stayed like that, getting worse, for several years.  It's amazing what a person just gets used to!  But when I learned that a Parkview teacher was doing some painting this summer, I decided it was time to get it cleaned up.  David and I selected an Eddie Bauer color called Mercer Blue which was a little lighter and grayer.
 It is so nice to have fresh paint on the walls!  I just keep walking in to admire it.
 David had these framed gas station prints drawn by our friend Jim Arnall hanging at Ming and I'd always meant to get the mats changed to go better with the old blue.  The best intentions didn't get that done though, and the mats matched the new paint color so much better.  I love the way they look hanging in there!
 It's so nice and fresh...and the best part is that I didn't have to do it!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sold to the Highest Bidder!

It's been another fun summer weekend!  The weekend kicked off with the painting of the kitchen.  It's not put back together yet as there are some places that will be touched up tomorrow, but there will be pictures soon!  

Friday night, we enjoyed an evening of some seriously good mojitos, pizza, and dessert.  As good as the mojitos were, the company was even better.

Last week, David delivered a dumpster to an auction site.  He thought I needed to see this place for myself, so on Saturday we went to the auction.  He had done a great job of describing the place, but it really was something one needs to see to believe!  The man who had lived at the house was a collector of...everything.  Some might say a hoarder, but it wasn't like the hoarding shows we've watched on TV.  This was all very organized. 
 There's an Amish community nearby, and when we pulled up, this horse was waiting patiently in the woods.
 This is just the teeniest sample of this place.  There were several outbuildings like this one, and the outside and inside of each had small shelves covering every surface.  Each shelf was filled to overflowing with plates, mugs, jars, bells, and figurines.  Inside the larger shop building was an incomprehensible amount of stuff...all organized.  The two house trailers on the property were also filled, as was another barn.  One large section of the 15 acres looked a little like a lumber yard - all sorts of building supplies all sorted by size and type.  There were too many outbuildings to count...all full.  I've never seen anything like it.  To sell each item individually would have taken weeks, so they auctioned off groups of things - such as the entire contents of the outside walls of each building.
 I'd spotted an ironstone platter near the bottom of one of the outside walls of a building, but I sure didn't want to buy EVERYTHING on the outside.  Once that building sold, they announced that the man who bought it would sell individual pieces if anyone was interested.  David found him for me and he accepted my great offer of $3 for the platter.  He marked in sold in the layers of dirt. :)
 I was excited to bring it home and clean it up.  Under that dirt was a pretty old platter with just one small chip.
Now rather than get dirtier and dirtier every time it rains, it sits shiny and clean at the back of the top shelf of my ironstone collection.  I've bought all those pieces at flea markets, but that piece definitely has the best story!

There were some other things we were interested in there, but there was SO much stuff and they didn't seem to be getting any closer to the flatbed trailers where our treasures sat, so we came on home.  The ticks and mosquitoes weren't the only things biting out in the woods though - I think we've both been bitten by the auction bug!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Color Me Happy

A couple of weeks ago, I was having dinner with my friend Christina.  We were talking about the recent weekend she spend helping a friend paint a few rooms in her house.  It reminded me David's bathroom really needs to be painted as I didn't prep it well enough when I painted it 9 years ago, and some of the paint has come off where there was still wallpaper glue.  And the kitchen hasn't been painted at all since we've lived there, even though I really intended to have someone do that when we put in new counters and sink 2 years ago. 
Our conversation inspired me to want some things painted, however it did not inspire me to paint those rooms myself.  I remembered getting an e-mail from one of the art teachers at my school that he was painting (houses, not pictures) this summer.  Perfect!  Before I could change my mind, I called him and responded to his e-mail.
 He'll come over this week to check out the project and give me an estimate, then we'll schedule the day (days?) for him to come and paint.  I'm pretty excited about the prospect of having a freshly painted kitchen and bath!
The bathroom color wasn't hard to decide.  It's already a dark blue, so we're going with just a little lighter blue.  The kitchen though was another story.  I started with all of the paint colors in the top picture.  After consulting with my interior decorator (okay, so it was Mom and David), I narrowed it to four.  Finally, there were two.  Being able to have sample sizes mixed is new since the last time I painted, and what a treat!  I think that would have prevented some of my color mistakes in the past!

We've decided on the top color, which is called Honey Beige.  It happens to be the exact same color as Edwardian Gold that was my kitchen and dining room at my first house as well as our current master bedroom.  I think it will be a nice warm color in our kitchen, and I can't wait to have it done!