Sunday, July 18, 2010

Close Enough to Perfect For Me

I'm over the other house. And our house seems to have forgiven me for ogling another. This house, just as it is, is close enough to perfect for me.

The dog, sleeping on a bed he's not supposed to be on, has a thing or two to teach me about being content where I am and with what I have.

Today I walked my dog, had brunch with my friend, took a nap, and walked the dog again. What more could I want?

Title borrowed from Alabama's song, Close Enough to Perfect For Me.

To Move Or Not to Move

Just before anyone panics, the answer is NOT move. But isn't this house just about the cutest thing ever? It went up for sale in the fall, and for about 24 hours, I seriously began to consider moving. I recently found that it was still for sale. For another 24 hours, I dreamed and decorated and imagined. I've come back to my senses and do NOT want to move. David, if you're wondering, pretty much keeps quiet during my 24 lapses in judgment. Wise man! He's not really one to move a lot - this is only the third house he's ever lived in - so I think he hopes I'll come around and not call the realtor. When I decided, again, that we should not move, I began to think of all the things I'd like to do to our house. Shutters, new front door, bathroom floors, ah, the list goes on. Which is one thing that keeps me from moving - starting all the projects over. I look at every house for it's potential. The phrase "move-in ready" just makes me laugh.

Now, if anyone thinks that we should move, best just keep that to yourself. I could relapse at any moment! We're rapidly approaching the 5 year mark in this house, and I'm getting antsy! :)

New Pantry Floor

Did you know that if you leave a cat in the pantry (quite by accident!) for almost 12 hours, she will try to dig her way out? It's true! The damage wasn't all that bad, but the old floor was kind of dated. Opportunity knocked!My dad put down new peel and stick tiles in my old laundry room and did a great job, so I asked if he would do the same in the pantry. Here's the new floor. Vinyl tiles that are supposed to look like wood are a little cheesy, but I like that it blends with the floor and woodwork.
Here's the circa 1976 faux brick. Lovely, huh? Somehow faux wood seems better to me than faux brick. Not sure why! Thank you, Dad. Looks great!

**Even with the old floor, the pantry looks so much better empty!

Happy Birthday, Con!

Last Tuesday was my aunt Connie's birthday. The "Good" Girls were kind enough to celebrate at my office so I could join them for lunch. We had a great time! If you are wondering why these are the Good Girls, it's not because they're so well-behaved. It's because my Grandmother's maiden name is Good. Which means that my great-grandma was both Good and great! ;)

Dog Days of Summer

I don't wanna go out. It's hot. Do I have to?

3 minutes later
Okay! I did it! Can I go back in? It's hot out here.

Must be all that dark fur, but this guy does not like to stay out in this heat. He may be just a touch spoiled.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation at Home

It has been a lovely vacation week at home. Amazing how fast a vacation week passes, when the work week can seem so slow.

Over the 4th of July weekend, David and I spent some time at Todd's cabin letting the dogs play and swim.Riley has a hard time getting the tennis ball in the water, but it doesn't stop him from trying. He is a really good swimmer now! And, as an added bonus, it really wears him out. :)
Henrietta celebrated the fourth in a cozy spot on top of the tv cabinet.
On Tuesday, my mom and I went clothes shopping. You may remember how much I love (not!) shopping for clothes. My mom is the same way. But it was lots more fun than when I set out on my own. We stuck with it, and both found some things. More importantly, it was a really nice day together. We have plans to do it again in the fall.
On Friday, I went to see my grandma. She is 93 and really gets along well. She and I went to see my cousin Sarah and her baby. Grandma sat on the floor with us and got back to her feet about as quickly as I did. It was nice to have a chance to visit with her.

Mostly I must admit, I've just been a lazy bum. Lots of naps, a few walks with the dog, and plenty of eating. It hasn't been an exciting vacation, but it has been nice. I'm glad to have another vacation week to look forward to this summer. David has that week off and we'll be traveling, so stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

20,000 miles on the Tacoma

The Tacoma reached a milestone of sorts this 4th of July weekend. The first 20,000 miles have been flawless and delightfully uneventful. With the bad press that Toyota has received lately I thought I’d post up my two cents worth.

And I need an excuse to “butch” up this blog a little bit with some truck pictures.

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said:

“My Toyota Hasn’t Killed Me Yet.”

Well, I’m happy to report the same. The Tacoma hasn’t been on any of the recall lists but with the scrutiny that Toyota has been put under, I wouldn’t be surprised if they find something to recall it for. There are a few things that I wish Toyota would have included on Tacoma. Such as heated side mirrors, more lumbar support in the seats, power rear sliding window, and courtesy lights in the doors for easier night time entry and exit. These few niggly things and the wish for better fuel economy are my only complaints in nearly a year of ownership and just over 20,000 miles. Thanks for a good year Tacoma, I look forward to many, many more.


Sunday, July 4, 2010