Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Pantry Floor

Did you know that if you leave a cat in the pantry (quite by accident!) for almost 12 hours, she will try to dig her way out? It's true! The damage wasn't all that bad, but the old floor was kind of dated. Opportunity knocked!My dad put down new peel and stick tiles in my old laundry room and did a great job, so I asked if he would do the same in the pantry. Here's the new floor. Vinyl tiles that are supposed to look like wood are a little cheesy, but I like that it blends with the floor and woodwork.
Here's the circa 1976 faux brick. Lovely, huh? Somehow faux wood seems better to me than faux brick. Not sure why! Thank you, Dad. Looks great!

**Even with the old floor, the pantry looks so much better empty!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Hey - - - my "early matrimony" decor style INCLUDED faux brick all over the place!!!

Erin said...

Sorry Keetha! We still have it in a bathroom. When we change it, would you like me to send you a piece for old times' sake? ;)