Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation at Home

It has been a lovely vacation week at home. Amazing how fast a vacation week passes, when the work week can seem so slow.

Over the 4th of July weekend, David and I spent some time at Todd's cabin letting the dogs play and swim.Riley has a hard time getting the tennis ball in the water, but it doesn't stop him from trying. He is a really good swimmer now! And, as an added bonus, it really wears him out. :)
Henrietta celebrated the fourth in a cozy spot on top of the tv cabinet.
On Tuesday, my mom and I went clothes shopping. You may remember how much I love (not!) shopping for clothes. My mom is the same way. But it was lots more fun than when I set out on my own. We stuck with it, and both found some things. More importantly, it was a really nice day together. We have plans to do it again in the fall.
On Friday, I went to see my grandma. She is 93 and really gets along well. She and I went to see my cousin Sarah and her baby. Grandma sat on the floor with us and got back to her feet about as quickly as I did. It was nice to have a chance to visit with her.

Mostly I must admit, I've just been a lazy bum. Lots of naps, a few walks with the dog, and plenty of eating. It hasn't been an exciting vacation, but it has been nice. I'm glad to have another vacation week to look forward to this summer. David has that week off and we'll be traveling, so stay tuned. :)


Keetha said...

That sounds like the perfect vacation to me - time with family, hanging out, just...being.


Love the new blog look, too.

Dawn said...

A STAYcation... that's what I'm doing this year as well...

Your grandma looks great!! She hasn't changed much from my image of her when we were in HS :)