Tuesday, July 6, 2010

20,000 miles on the Tacoma

The Tacoma reached a milestone of sorts this 4th of July weekend. The first 20,000 miles have been flawless and delightfully uneventful. With the bad press that Toyota has received lately I thought I’d post up my two cents worth.

And I need an excuse to “butch” up this blog a little bit with some truck pictures.

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said:

“My Toyota Hasn’t Killed Me Yet.”

Well, I’m happy to report the same. The Tacoma hasn’t been on any of the recall lists but with the scrutiny that Toyota has been put under, I wouldn’t be surprised if they find something to recall it for. There are a few things that I wish Toyota would have included on Tacoma. Such as heated side mirrors, more lumbar support in the seats, power rear sliding window, and courtesy lights in the doors for easier night time entry and exit. These few niggly things and the wish for better fuel economy are my only complaints in nearly a year of ownership and just over 20,000 miles. Thanks for a good year Tacoma, I look forward to many, many more.


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Erin said...

Happy 20,000 miles to my husband's mistress. ;)