Monday, November 5, 2012


Some people have lovely framed landscapes on their walls, or pictures of their kids.  We have a few family pictures, and one cool close up of a window and the side of a house, and some actual windows hanging on walls, but recently I have noticed that we mostly have words.  Is that strange?  Does anyone else have words hanging on their walls?
 Wash...above the washer and dryer closet.
 Welcome Harvest - a gift from a friend that hangs over the stove for fall.
 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread...ordered from Etsy for the "new" kitchen.
 The Gathering Place, originally bought a few years ago.  I planned to hang it over the sink, but failed to measure and it was too large.  Hangs between the kitchen and the dining room.
 Clabber Girl metal sign - a gift from David that hangs in the dining room
Sweet Harvest Orchard, hangs here for fall, but the rest of the year a sign that says "Life is Good" hangs here.
 HOME - a gift from David that hangs in our entry
 A stitched sign rescued from storage, also hangs in the entry.
 Key West...a gift from my mom which hangs near a Honeymoon picture of David and I upstairs outside his office.
 Land Rover neon sign hangs in David's office
A frame that was a gift from David that hangs over our bed.  It contains a small picture of us, but the main attraction are the words.

So what hangs on your walls?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Camping at Devil's Den

Last weekend we went camping at Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas.  It was chilly at night, but the days were beautiful!
 We took some forest roads and enjoyed great scenery.  I love coming on things such as this old rock wall.  It's a reminder that we aren't the first, nor will we be the last.
 Our group was tasked with picking up trash along the way, and boy was there a lot of it!  It's a good feeling to leave something better than you found it.
 Here's our little home away from home.  We do not travel light, that is for certain.  This time I even drug along extra bedding, but it did the trick.  I was toasty warm inside my cocoon!
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  I love the way our tent glows orange when the lantern is on at night.  Makes it easy to find when returning back from the bathroom! :)

Dan and Leila - we missed you and wished you could have gone with us.  Next time!