Monday, November 5, 2012


Some people have lovely framed landscapes on their walls, or pictures of their kids.  We have a few family pictures, and one cool close up of a window and the side of a house, and some actual windows hanging on walls, but recently I have noticed that we mostly have words.  Is that strange?  Does anyone else have words hanging on their walls?
 Wash...above the washer and dryer closet.
 Welcome Harvest - a gift from a friend that hangs over the stove for fall.
 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread...ordered from Etsy for the "new" kitchen.
 The Gathering Place, originally bought a few years ago.  I planned to hang it over the sink, but failed to measure and it was too large.  Hangs between the kitchen and the dining room.
 Clabber Girl metal sign - a gift from David that hangs in the dining room
Sweet Harvest Orchard, hangs here for fall, but the rest of the year a sign that says "Life is Good" hangs here.
 HOME - a gift from David that hangs in our entry
 A stitched sign rescued from storage, also hangs in the entry.
 Key West...a gift from my mom which hangs near a Honeymoon picture of David and I upstairs outside his office.
 Land Rover neon sign hangs in David's office
A frame that was a gift from David that hangs over our bed.  It contains a small picture of us, but the main attraction are the words.

So what hangs on your walls?


Dawn said...

Pictures of my boys... lots and lots of pictures :)

Anonymous said...

We do not have "Word" pictures; however, we have lots of pictures we have taken of places we have been and family pictures. However, I do love all yours; especially the ones David has purchased and the one over your bed is extra special. He is a special guy and has a special lady for a wife. Leila

Keetha Broyles said...

I see a lot of pictures of folks decorating with words. Many even paint them right on the walls.

Me? Not so much. I do have one wooden cut-out of the word JOY in my bookcase. I think that's it for words around here.

Except the ones that come out of my mouth in an endless stream.

Keetha Broyles said...

Ooops - - - no, no, no! I was wrong! There are words all over the place down in my FBC - - - "go Badger" type words.

Jocelyn said...

That's very cool. I can't think of any words we have hanging around, but I know some of my neighbors do that. In particular, I like the "Wash" one!