Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fins to the Left...Fins to the Right!

The Jimmy Buffett concert was FANTASTIC!!! It may have been my favorite of the 5 times I have seen him. Our seats were great and the weather was perfect - couldn't have asked for more! I'll post more about it soon, and add some pictures, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


You said " Organ Renovations"


Jimmy's Invitation

MOTB had the great idea to make a sign inviting Jimmy to our wedding. I think he'll come - don't you? I mean, who can resist the 3-d paper bells? Unfortunately when he asks where the wedding will be, we won't have an answer. Stone Chapel will be undergoing organ renovations, so it's out. We'll just have to have our people contact his people when we've got a place for the ceremony! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Are Buffett Bound!!!

Time to pack the grass skirts, silly hats, and head to Dallas to see Jimmy Buffett! I'm so excited! Last night we discovered that the party store has a wealth of luau accessories. What fun! We got inflatable fish, a parrot, and a pink flamingo, "flower" leis, and I got a new grass skirt. If you've never been to a JB concert, you might wonder what all this is for. As you get near the parking lot of the concert venue, you will begin to see all sorts of crazy things - cars decorated with palm trees and shark fins, people decorated with coconut bras (mostly men), Hawaiian shirts, and silly hats. And that's just the beginning! People of all sorts temporarily give in to being Parrotheads. If you see someone dressed normally for a concert, you'll know they're first-timers or they just don't get it.

Last weekend we went to Rockin' Ribs on the parking lot of Bass Pro. I really think David and my dad should enter sometime and I've even got a name - In-Laws and Outlaws BBQ. I read in a News-Leader article that judges eat more than 5 pounds of meat in a day, so I think maybe David would be more interested in judging! It was all very tasty, although I guess my barbecue palate is not all that discriminating - they all kind of tasted alike! David's friend Gene had a booth and served us amazing smoked chicken - I'm hoping to see something similar come off the Big Green Egg sometime soon. Wonder if David will read this post...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fanatical Feline Female

I suppose if you have been looking at this blog for any length of time you have already determined that Erin really is that “Crazy Cat Lady.” As evidenced by her last post. The secret is out on the World Wide Web for all to see.

You will also note that in keeping with my “wedding duties” I am caught once again napping on the job. In addition to the napping I have also been doing some light to medium duty hauling. That’s right folks… the mulch didn’t get to our yard on its own. Not a real strenuous haul but I did get to pull a trailer. Erin didn’t elaborate on the amount of mulch we have put down. We have spread over nine cubic yards of mulch. What the hell is a cubic yard you say…? Imagine a standard backhoe that you might see on a job site or in road construction. The front loading bucket when filled to heaping capacity is approximately a cubic yard. Granted this is a southern Missouri redneck way of measuring.
Now… When does the cake tasting begin?


Sunday, April 15, 2007


I can't resist posting this picture of Henrietta. Doesn't she look angelic? :)

Yes, We've Lost Our Minds

Undaunted by the cold weather on the first weekend of mulching, we again loaded up the trailer full of mulch to finish our project. It was warmer, but a little rainy this time. We did wait until it quit snowing to start - that's right - snow in mid-April! The first picture is what we finished on Easter weekend. We're planning to add some hostas and maybe elephant ears later.

This is what the rest of the yard looked like before the mulch. Even before mulch it looked better than in previous years.
Here's the Master Mulcher a few weekends ago when the weather was warm and nice. He and his dog had a little nap in the sun after digging weeds.

P.S. Here's me with straight hair! Can you believe it? I got my hair cut this week and she spent and hour blow drying and straightening it with a flat iron. You won't see it like this often - I'd prefer to spend that hour asleep! :) Oh, and never mind that slightly possessed look in my eyes. That's just me trying to pose for one picture with my eyes open. More challenging that you'd guess! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! We spent the very cold day Saturday on our backyard project. We laid 1000+ square feet of weed control fabric and put down 5 big scoops (one large trailer full) of cedar mulch. We're a little more than 1/2 finished! So we've decided to postpone the garage sale and finish the great mulching project instead next weekend. I am hoping for warmer weather!

We spent Easter in Monett. Today was the first full Sunday service in the new 1st Methodist Church building. It was beautiful! Wood ceilings and a beautiful stained glass window. We had a delicious lunch at my parents' house and headed back to Springfield for marathon naps. The naps were well earned after the mulching!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring on Fremont

It is finally spring! Both two and four-legged creatures in this house are very glad! The kitties are enjoying open windows, and Tuley is happy that his people are spending more time outside with him. This spring seems more colorful than most, but maybe we've just been more hungry for it since the January ice storm. Looking at our back yard now, it's hard to imagine that it once looked like the picture in from David's ice storm post.

I was off work Thursday and Friday as part of Springfield school's spring break. It was great to have a couple extra days off. My Grandmother came on Thursday and spent the night. On Friday, we shopped with the MOTB for a dress for the wedding and enjoyed lunch with my Aunt Connie, cousin Julie, and her daughter Ellie. We'd only seen Ellie in pictures until then and found that she is just as cute in person! We found a beautiful outfit for the MOTB at McDaniel Bridal. Now she just has to decide between the mini skirt or hot pants. Just kidding MOTB! :) We also picked up my veil, which went home to be stored by Mom.
We're still eagerly awaiting word from Drury as to whether Stone Chapel will be available in December. We now have our second photographer, as the first is expecting a baby very near the wedding date. She recommended several others, and Christina and I met with him last Tuesday. He is very personable and very talented, so I think he'll be great to work with.

Can't believe how quickly April is filling up! Easter next weekend, maybe a garage sale the next, Rockin' Ribs Festival the following, and off to see Jimmy Buffett on the last. I sure can't complain about being bored!
All for now...have a great week!