Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring on Fremont

It is finally spring! Both two and four-legged creatures in this house are very glad! The kitties are enjoying open windows, and Tuley is happy that his people are spending more time outside with him. This spring seems more colorful than most, but maybe we've just been more hungry for it since the January ice storm. Looking at our back yard now, it's hard to imagine that it once looked like the picture in from David's ice storm post.

I was off work Thursday and Friday as part of Springfield school's spring break. It was great to have a couple extra days off. My Grandmother came on Thursday and spent the night. On Friday, we shopped with the MOTB for a dress for the wedding and enjoyed lunch with my Aunt Connie, cousin Julie, and her daughter Ellie. We'd only seen Ellie in pictures until then and found that she is just as cute in person! We found a beautiful outfit for the MOTB at McDaniel Bridal. Now she just has to decide between the mini skirt or hot pants. Just kidding MOTB! :) We also picked up my veil, which went home to be stored by Mom.
We're still eagerly awaiting word from Drury as to whether Stone Chapel will be available in December. We now have our second photographer, as the first is expecting a baby very near the wedding date. She recommended several others, and Christina and I met with him last Tuesday. He is very personable and very talented, so I think he'll be great to work with.

Can't believe how quickly April is filling up! Easter next weekend, maybe a garage sale the next, Rockin' Ribs Festival the following, and off to see Jimmy Buffett on the last. I sure can't complain about being bored!
All for now...have a great week!

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