Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Are Buffett Bound!!!

Time to pack the grass skirts, silly hats, and head to Dallas to see Jimmy Buffett! I'm so excited! Last night we discovered that the party store has a wealth of luau accessories. What fun! We got inflatable fish, a parrot, and a pink flamingo, "flower" leis, and I got a new grass skirt. If you've never been to a JB concert, you might wonder what all this is for. As you get near the parking lot of the concert venue, you will begin to see all sorts of crazy things - cars decorated with palm trees and shark fins, people decorated with coconut bras (mostly men), Hawaiian shirts, and silly hats. And that's just the beginning! People of all sorts temporarily give in to being Parrotheads. If you see someone dressed normally for a concert, you'll know they're first-timers or they just don't get it.

Last weekend we went to Rockin' Ribs on the parking lot of Bass Pro. I really think David and my dad should enter sometime and I've even got a name - In-Laws and Outlaws BBQ. I read in a News-Leader article that judges eat more than 5 pounds of meat in a day, so I think maybe David would be more interested in judging! It was all very tasty, although I guess my barbecue palate is not all that discriminating - they all kind of tasted alike! David's friend Gene had a booth and served us amazing smoked chicken - I'm hoping to see something similar come off the Big Green Egg sometime soon. Wonder if David will read this post...

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