Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes, We've Lost Our Minds

Undaunted by the cold weather on the first weekend of mulching, we again loaded up the trailer full of mulch to finish our project. It was warmer, but a little rainy this time. We did wait until it quit snowing to start - that's right - snow in mid-April! The first picture is what we finished on Easter weekend. We're planning to add some hostas and maybe elephant ears later.

This is what the rest of the yard looked like before the mulch. Even before mulch it looked better than in previous years.
Here's the Master Mulcher a few weekends ago when the weather was warm and nice. He and his dog had a little nap in the sun after digging weeds.

P.S. Here's me with straight hair! Can you believe it? I got my hair cut this week and she spent and hour blow drying and straightening it with a flat iron. You won't see it like this often - I'd prefer to spend that hour asleep! :) Oh, and never mind that slightly possessed look in my eyes. That's just me trying to pose for one picture with my eyes open. More challenging that you'd guess! :)

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