Monday, February 18, 2013

Zac Brown Band Concert

 We've had a great weekend.  The highlight was going to a Zac Brown Band concert.  We both really like their music, but the concert still exceeded our expectations.
 The opening act was Blackberry Smoke, kind of a Southern rock band.  They were great!
 We went with Christina, Anna, and Heidi.  Christina's nephew Nathan was there too, but he mysteriously disappeared anytime a picture was taken.
 I love fiddle music (and play a mean air-fiddle!) so I especially liked this guy.
 Our seats, er, uh, places to stand were incredible.  We were so close that we could see each of Zac Brown's perfect white teeth!
I wore a pair of boots that were passed on to my from my Grandmother.  They were cute, but I was sure glad to come home and put my feet up!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces

My computer is being very uncooperative tonight, but I manage to get these few pictures from my phone to the laptop.  Therefore, I give to you "bits and pieces."  Which is what my laptop may be in if it doesn't start playing nicely...

 Even thought I'm eating much healthier, I still take pictures of my food.  So pretty!  Toast with one egg and one egg white and spinach.  Delicious!
 I was very excited to find these NEUTRAL cushions for my not-yet-purchased patio chairs.  I went ahead and bought them, as I was afraid they might run out.
 The clouds were so pretty that I took this picture out the sunroof of my car while stopped at a stoplight.
 More food:  We celebrated Valentine's Day with a scrumptious steak dinner prepared by David.  I know that a raw meat picture is weird, and probably a real turn-off if there are vegetarians reading, but I thought it was kinda pretty sitting there.
We've had some beautiful days, and Riley occasionally gets a little cabin fever, so we've been getting out and walking.  I think his shadow is so funny!  I wish you could see the shadow of his tongue hanging out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Hungry Dames

At the school where I work, they hold a Biggest Loser weight loss contest every January-March.  I've never participated, but decided this year that I really wanted to do something to get in better shape and this seemed like a good incentive.  My two office mates and another good friend signed up and named ourselves The Hungry Dames.  The day of the first weigh-in, we had McDonald's for breakfast and Five Guys for lunch.  We considered it our "farewell to foods", thinking that we were about to embark on a nearly impossible mission where we'd be hungry all the time.
Each link represents one pound lost by our team
It has been 4 weeks since we began.  The four of us have lost a total of 57 pounds and are currently in 1st place as a team in the contest!  I think we're all amazed at our success.  I haven't felt hungry, but I have made some changes in what I eat.  I had no idea how long a bag of pretzels or box of crackers would last if I actually ate the recommended serving size!  Our contest is set to end in early March, but we have all set goals that will take us longer to achieve.  Doing something like this with friends has made it so much easier than going it alone.  David and I have even joined our local Y, and I find that *gasp* I really like going AND sweating!  Wish I'd done this several years ago, but I'm also glad not to have put it off any longer.  I'm looking forward to shopping for some new shorts for this summer!