Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces

My computer is being very uncooperative tonight, but I manage to get these few pictures from my phone to the laptop.  Therefore, I give to you "bits and pieces."  Which is what my laptop may be in if it doesn't start playing nicely...

 Even thought I'm eating much healthier, I still take pictures of my food.  So pretty!  Toast with one egg and one egg white and spinach.  Delicious!
 I was very excited to find these NEUTRAL cushions for my not-yet-purchased patio chairs.  I went ahead and bought them, as I was afraid they might run out.
 The clouds were so pretty that I took this picture out the sunroof of my car while stopped at a stoplight.
 More food:  We celebrated Valentine's Day with a scrumptious steak dinner prepared by David.  I know that a raw meat picture is weird, and probably a real turn-off if there are vegetarians reading, but I thought it was kinda pretty sitting there.
We've had some beautiful days, and Riley occasionally gets a little cabin fever, so we've been getting out and walking.  I think his shadow is so funny!  I wish you could see the shadow of his tongue hanging out.


MOM said...

I like your "bits & pieces" especially the toast, egg, & spinach! Yum!

Keetha Broyles said...

The egg and spinach dish looks yummy.

I think the steak looks delicious - - - though I would want it broiled first!