Saturday, March 24, 2007

Three Peach Taffeta Dresses with Puffy Sleeves

Just kidding about the puffy peach dresses! :) I am thrilled that three of my oldest bestest friends have agreed to be in the wedding.
Dawn and I have been friends since high school. We were in speech together and preformed several duets. We never won, but we sure had a lot of fun!!! I was delighted to be Maid of Honor in her wedding in 1999.

Robyn and I met in college, but really became good friends in our first years of teaching. Here she is in college in her cow Halloween costume. I hope she will still be in the wedding after I post this picture!
Christina and I have known each other longer than I can remember. Her family moved to Monett in 1980 and we became inseperable. We were often mistaken for sisters, especially when wearing our "Love Me - I'm Left-Handed" t-shirts.

Here we are with our bad high school hair and BIG glasses!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! I think I'm going to cry! Oops, I am crying! How will I ever make it through the wedding day??! MOTB

Anonymous said...

Holy #$%@!!!! Congratulations guys. I just heard the good news. Dave, I thought I would never hear this news. Is the world coming to an end? Is armageddon near?

Hope all is well with both of you. Love to hear from you.

Brent Powell

Robyn said...

Comments? Oh yeah, I've got comments. Most of them are not appropriate for the world wide web though. Let's just stick with this: Your kind words about our friendship are appreciated, the cow picture is not!! Moo.