Monday, March 5, 2007

THE Dress!

That's right! MOTB and I found it! The dress of all dresses. I love it. Didn't want to take it off. Ever.

Here's how it happened...on a rainy Saturday near the end of February, MOTB and I went to McDaniel Bridal. You'd recognize the old building on North Glenstone by the giant polar bear in the window, surrounded by manequins in fur coats. It's been there forever, so I expected blue haired ladies to dust off a few ancient dresses for us to see. Not so - our new friend Jenna was young and enthusiastic. And no dusting of dresses was required! She pointed us in the right direction for browsing and went off in search of other dresses that fit the description I gave. I don't remember much about the first dress. While I was wrestling into Dress 1, MOTB had selected the dress she wanted to see next. I liked it immediately, even on the hanger. And, despite the fact that it wouldn't zip all the way, I liked it even better when I put it on. Jenna matched it up with a veil and a tiara, and I was hooked. I tried on others, but none came close. We looked through a few MOTB dress catalogs and headed on to the grand opening of Wedding Collections where we sampled a "few" more of the heavenly bacon wrapped yummies that we'd enjoyed at the wedding show. All afternoon I thought about the dress way too much - just ask David! On the following Tuesday, Kelly and I returned to visit the dress again. I loved it just as much as Saturday, so it was ordered in a size that will zip all the way - well, I hope! We even took some pictures, so that will have to do until the dress arrives in August. I'd include one of them in the blog, but then the groom would see. We can't have that, so just use your imagination. :)

Speaking of the groom, he'd like you to believe he's just been napping. But it's not entirely so... On Sunday, he spent most of the afternoon working on our yard. What once appeared "woodsy" was looking overgrown and uncared for. With his hard work, it's beginning to look much much better!

This past Saturday, I enjoyed some time with Dawn, Colby, and Sam. Dawn has agreed to be the official Matron of Honor. She's awfully excited at the prospect of a bachelorette party. I've tried reminding her how I saved her from planned events at her party, but she seems to have forgotten. I think I should be concerned. ;)

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