Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where's the Groom?

To any and all who have taken a peek at this over the course of the past few weeks; you may note an absence of updates from me – the gaudy groom…

Yep, we have the Blushing Bride and Gaudy Groom.

On the surface it may appear that Erin has done all the work and is going it alone when it comes to the leg work to put this shindig together.

I want to totally confirm your observations and say that I have really done very little - verging on nothing. Oh sure, I have gallivanted around the countryside peering into church windows – hmmm… the Gallivanting Gaudy Groom – I LIKE THAT. I have also done some looking around for a nice suit or tuxedo to wear on the big day.

Really that is about it.

Mostly I have taken short – OK, not so short naps, watched TV, and played on the internet.

But wait, just wait…

I’m saving up my energy for the more masculine tasks.
You know… operating of the chainsaw, the towing of heavy trailers, the killing of small rodents, any wrench turning that may need to happen, and finally the cake tasting – there must be lots and lots of cake tasting.

So until something needs to be hauled, chopped or set to specific torque specs – I’ll be looking for wedding cakes to sample.

Over and out - dd

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