Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ruffles, Sequins, and Bows

Dress designers are sadists. That's the only logical explanation for the apparent fact that one requires 2 sizes larger for a wedding dress than a pair of jeans. MOTB and I embarked on our first dress finding mission today. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs, but I stick by my dress designer as sadist theory. Our destination today was Norma's Inline Fashions in Aurora. We pawed through fluffy sequined white dress after dress. With some help from Norma, we found one to try on. While putting the dress in the dressing room, Norma said, "Hold on. I'll get you a bra." A what? I'm wearing one, thank you. Oh! Apparently a strapless bra is imperative for trying on strapless dresses. As it turns out, the designers were expecting a much taller, thinner, bustier person to wear their dresses. The first three were comically tight and loose in all the wrong places. MOTB managed to wrangle into submission each 20 pound dress and get it over my head. At one point I thought I might be suffering a near death experience. I saw nothing but fluffy white clouds. Turns out it was just yards and yards of white netting under the dress. At Norma's insistence, we sat down to look through a book of more dresses. That's when we found it - a definite maybe. Norma had one in a different color, so it was back to the dressing room for round 4. Finally! One that fit! In my actual size! I don't think that the rules allow you to choose a dress after just one store so we'll keep looking, but it's good to know that there is a dress out there! -ee

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jeanne gauger said...

I loved this segment! Erin you are a hoot and what better approach than to laugh and enjoy this whole experience. It will be fun and I hope I get an invitation to this major event.