Monday, January 22, 2007

Wedding Extravaganza

The yucky weather kept us away from the wedding show on January 13, but we were undaunted by our lack of electricity and unpleasant forecast for the January 20 Wedding Extravaganza at the Oasis Inn and Convention Center. MOTB (Mother of the Bride) and I battled dark traffic lights and bad drivers to attend. It was a bit overwhelming - and pink - at first. MOTB described it as being "carnival like." She was right, except the carnies were well-dressed and appeared to have most of their teeth. We didn't make any big decisions, but found a few things we liked and sampled some tasty hors d'oeuvres involving bacon and olives. Most of the cakes were a little more ornate than either of us really like. We found a pretty one - plain with beads of icing around the bottom of each layer. Just perfect. Until we found ourselves looking at the other side - roses and icing made to look like draping fabric. All along, we'd be admiring the back of the cake. Wouldn't you know!? - ee


Anonymous said...

I assumed the MOTB would be making your cake since she is a certified cake designer! No?

Cousin Sarah said...

I know this is rather a general comment, but after staring at your engagement card that has been sitting on our counter for weeks (b/c we love the pic so much!), I have finally gotten around to logging/blogging on, and what a fantastic idea! I added this site to our fav's and look forward to watching you guys travel down you wonderful road to wedded bliss! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that Gail has been reduced to MOTB. J/K :)