Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Your Recommendation…

For the past couple of years, possibly longer. A couple of friends have been talking about this little know burger joint in the middle of nowhere Arkansas. Oark, Arkansas, to be exact. Oark lies on a stretch of road that is popular with motorcycle riders and is often referred to as “The Pig Trail.”

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The Oark Cafe serves up a delicious burger that can only be outdone by the warm welcome and down-home hospitality of the owners. We had Riley with us Sunday afternoon so going inside to eat was out of the question. Allowing Riley to stay in the truck while we went inside was also not an option. No problem for the folks in Oark. Pull up a seat on the front porch and they will bring lunch out to you. The father of the owner was helping out in the kitchen but took a break to come out and talk with us. He made it a point to thank everyone who stopped and wish them safe travels as they left.

A big THANKS to Dan and Jeff for letting me in on this well hidden gem of a joint.

He’s a shot of Riley and Erin. This is on the upper Buffalo River at a low water bridge near Ponca, AR. When we have floated this river in the past there would be about a foot to two feet of water flowing where Erin and Riley are standing.



Erin said...

It was a beautiful day for a drive and a great burger!

Anonymous said...

We are glad you enjoyed one of our favorite places in Arkansas. Jeff has been known to drive down there just for the burger. We aren't quite that fanatic; however, we do like to make it one of our destination points when we are in the area.

Dan & Leila

Anonymous said...

The Oark Cafe also has a really neat cabin to rent that's in the forest away from everything. Except maybe a bear might visit the area while you are there. You may want to stay there sometime.


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love the idea of traveling to find a hidden burger joint - it sounds like such a fun adventure!