Friday, March 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt!

We had a really fun weekend last weekend.  During the day on Saturday, we went to the 100 Acre Wood Rally Race (post to follow), then attended a birthday party/scavenger hunt on Saturday night.  You're never too old!  The first leg of our scavenger hunt involved a list of items or pictures, such as a picture of one of the team members at a local high school, a Steak and Shake hat, ketchup packet, receipt for gas, etc. 
 David and I finished that part fast and were the first to meet the organizers of the hunt to get our next clue.  It was downhill from there, as I kept messing us up, but it was lots of fun!
This one stumped everyone for a while, and I think all the teams headed toward our farm-team ball field.  Turned out to be the wrong kind of diamond!  It was the intersection near a jewelry store that we were looking for!  
 My mom got to play with us from home (got to, had to, whichever) as I kept texting her the ones that stumped us.  Without her help, I think we would have had to give up on this one.  It was Triple Eights Chinese restaurant, and I don't think we'd have come up with that!

In the end, we finished 4th out of 6 teams (and one the 6th team had given up before they were done) but it was so much fun to do.  Maybe we'll plan one sometime!

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MOM said...

It was lots of fun......from our couch in front of the fire!