Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scenes from Margaritavilles Past

Soon we'll be headed to see Jimmy Buffett - if our calculations are correct, this will be my 8th and David's 12th concert.  Blogger isn't cooperating with my attempts to put these in chronological order, so in random order, here are pictures from my 7 concerts.

Chicago 2006

My first concert was in Dallas in 2000.  David's aunt and uncle very kindly let us stay with them.  I'm pretty sure it was because of Aunt Betty's crush on Rob. ;)  Aunt Betty may also have been the first to think David and I were a couple...even before we thought so.  
 Frisco, TX in 2007

 Frisco again in 2011.  As we returned home on May 22 from this concert, we got a call from my dad about a tornado in Joplin.  We were just a couple of exits from Joplin when he called, so we pulled off the highway and waited it out.  We were fortunate that he called, but many were not so fortunate that day.  The tragedy of that storm makes it difficult to remember the fun of that concert.

 Last May (2013) in Frisco once again.

Not at a concert, but on our way home from a concert in Greensboro, NC...2001 or so.

The only concert I don't have a single picture representing was St. Louis 2000.  

Each time we get to go to a concert, I think it might be the last one. I suppose Jimmy might retire someday.  I think he's already done the "Year of Still Here" tour, so we'll soak up every minute of this next concert...just in case.

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