Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Long, Long Trailer

We just returned from a great vacation out west.  Our first big stop was the Flagstaff area to the Overland Expo at Mormon Lake.  The day before we arrived, they'd had a fair amount of snow.  It had mostly melted by our arrival on Saturday, creating a muddy sloppy mess. We secretly enjoyed watching some of the very off-road capable vehicles have to get towed after getting stuck in the parking lot.
 We still enjoyed walking around to look at all the booths - and trucks and campers.
 The highlight of our trip was staying in a 1950 Spartan trailer.  It was one of the most memorable places we've stayed!
 I loved the decor...very fitting of the time period of the trailer.
 There were even Arizona magazines from the 50's and 60's on the coffee table.

 The trailer was in a unique location with other old trailers, trucks, and equipment to look at.  The cold kept us from exploring outside too much, but thought this truck had just the perfect patina!
 Just like Lucy and Desi, here we are with our long, long trailer!
We moved on to warmer places, but no other place that we stayed had the personality of this sweet trailer!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how unique? We just might need to find out where this is located as we are headed to Arizona (and other places for adventure) June 11.
Dan & Leila

Anonymous said...

Home away from home!
Love, MOM