Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Wheels

Last weekend, we said good-bye to my 9 year old Toyota, and hello to a 2015 Subaru.  
 I will miss my sweet little red car, but I have to admit, I'm adjusting pretty well to my shiny new Wilderness Green car!
 Over 9 years, I accumulated quite a collection of odds and ends in the Rav4.  Everything from disposable ponchos to a tape measure.  The toilet paper was leftover from a cold last winter when I was using it for emergency tissue. :)  Some things made it into the new car, some were retired from service.
We drove about 5 hours to pick up the last 2015 Wilderness Green Outback that David could find.  Thank you, David, for doing all the hard work!


Kim Orcutt said...

Love your new wheels! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! If my old Mercedes "falls by the wayside", a Subaru would be one of my choices. My sister has one and likes it a lot. Leila