Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Moving In

We have had the best time arranging and rearranging, decorating, grilling, even raking was more fun at the cabin!  Well...David did all of the raking, but it looked like more fun. ;)
The indoor is almost completely furnished now.  Mom and I liked the way the previous owner had decorated, but I think I like it with our stuff even better. :)
 I've never looked at a house (or cabin or apartment or anything) where I didn't want to change the paint color or flooring or doorknobs or SOMETHING!  I've always laughed at the term "move-in ready", but this was!  We love the colors and it was so spotless.
 Every window has pretty wood blinds, so we won't even need curtains.

 Eventually the black blanket chest will hold a small TV, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the quiet!
 The new bed was a bit of a challenge to assemble, but I sure like it now that it's done!
 I had fun getting some things up above the cabinets.  I'm sure it will change, but it's a good start!
Riley is enjoying being a lake dog, especially since his best buddy Emma and her person have a cabin nearby.  If he's good and worn out, he's content to lay in front of the screen door on the porch and watch the world go by.

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Anonymous said...

Love the commentary & pictures!
Almost as good as being there!