Monday, October 10, 2016

October Is My Favorite Color

I took a bunch of pictures Saturday, and every one of them makes me happy.  While David was working, I took Gracie to the vet and Riley to the groomer.  While Riley was busy getting cleaned and trimmed, I cleaned up the house and took a few fall pictures.
 I don't spend much time at home at this time of day, and I love the light coming in.

 Once David got home, we headed to Farm Fest to look around and have a corn dog.  The weather was absolutely perfect for fall.  Then we headed to the lake to find that these goofs were dressed alike. ;)
 Riley got a new bed.  I was afraid he'd ignore it, but he seemed to like it!  Nothing beats a clean dog in a new bed!
It was a great weekend from beginning to end.  I really hate to see it end!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy seasonal
pictures of your home
and our home-away-from-home!!
Hard to pick a favorite but
autumn is hard to beat!! :)