Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our Four-Legged Boy

Riley has always been an enthusiastic eater - dog food, treats, pizza crusts, paper towels from the trash can, pine needles in the yard, a cookie you weren't holding tight enough or high enough - so when he stopped eating his dog food, we were concerned.  After a first trip to the vet did not solve the problem, we took him in so she could check his teeth.  Perhaps the problem was dental.  The pre-anesthesia blood work, however, revealed a much larger problem.  Riley's kidneys are not functioning at all as they should.
We were shocked. He was eating, just not his food.  He seemed happy.  He was energetic.  He certainly didn't seem sick. He stayed two days on IV fluids before blood was checked again.  His numbers were slightly better, but no where near normal.  We picked him up and brought him home, anxiously watching our happy, sometimes wild, puppy for signs of distress.  He took a quick liking to the canned kidney diet food, eating each of his four daily meals in record speed, while we watched anxiously.  He was spoiled with new toys and treats, and the company of his grandparents while we were at work.

A week later, back to the vet for more blood work.  We were hoping that his numbers would have gotten much closer to the normal range.  Again, a small improvement, but not huge. That wasn't great news, but the vet noted his usual exuberance and said he seems to feel well. So, armed with more kidney diet food, we headed home.

He isn't well, but no one has told him and he certainly doesn't seem sick.  We'll manage his kidney failure with food and medication for as long as he is happy and feels well. We're hopeful that will be a long time.  In the meantime, we'll continue to spoil him.  There will be new toys, lots of snuggles, trips to the lake, and car rides.  So far he doesn't seem to mind the extra attention.

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Anonymous said...

Glad Riley is feeling better. Dan & Leila