Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Beautiful Weekend in the Ozarks

Saturday, I went to a baby shower for my friend and former neighbor, Tim. It was possibly the most entertaining baby shower I've been too. It's not every shower where the new father models as many gifts as possible. Saturday afternoon, Christina and I went to Apple Butter Makin' Days in Mount Vernon. I didn't think to take a picture, but the nominee for worst craft of the year was something called a "Butt Pot." It's a porch post on a wood base with a bucket screwed to the top. I think it's for your cigarette butts. The best part was that you could choose from many different themes. Nascar Butt Pot? Of course! John Deere Butt Pot? Why, we've got one right here! How much would one expect to pay for a Butt Pot? $25 was the going rate. Amazing! :) Sunday, we took the freshly washed and fluffed Tuley to Art in the Park. We met another sheepdog, who was about half of Tuley's size.

We tried to figure out what kind of tree this is. I think maybe it is a Cypress, which is what our Clyde is aspiring to be in the backyard. I hope we're right, because they were really neat trees.

Today, David started his new job! And today I got a new cousin! Mom and I went to see baby Ryan at the hospital. He is just perfectly adorable and has a LOT of hair.

That's the news from Lake Wobegon!

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Keetha said...

Did you say Apple Butter Makin' Days?? Am so jealous.

How many Butt Pots did you come with? 'Cuz it'd be impossible to choose between the Nascar and the John Deere. Did they have a Hannah Montana one?