Sunday, October 5, 2008

What Do Class Reunions and Donkeys Have In Common?

Friday night we attended David's high school's homecoming game. It was nice, but his school doesn't play football anymore. It's just hard to get a "homecoming" feeling from a soccer game. :)Saturday night was his 20 year reunion, held at the Springfield Brewing Company. That was lots of fun. One-third of his graduating class was able to come, along with spouses and significant others.
I thought I'd heard all of the stories, but there were a few that were new. :) It was nice to meet more of his high school friends, even if he did forget my last name for a second. Um, it's the same as yours? :) Sunday morning we went to Farm Fest at the fairgrounds. I'm not sure why we keep going since our yard is small and our livestock is limited to two cats and one dog, but we always like to wander around and look. The show is huge, covering the same amount of space as the fair. I'm not sure what the men in this picture are discussing while sitting outside the antique tractor barn, but I couldn't resist taking their picture.
There were lots of animals, including these miniature donkeys. I think we should get one - it's smaller than Tuley!
If we ever win the lottery (which is unlikely considering that we buy about one ticket a year), this will be my first purchase. I love these backyard greenhouses.

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Keetha said...

Wait. Homecoming with no football? Say it ain't so!