Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodbye Blue Cave

Our kitchen is small, but the thing that makes it workable is the pantry. It has great storage, but it was not blessed with a great color. The walls and even the ceiling in the little pantry were painted a dark blue. With a single light bulb illuminating it, things in the corners became lost in the shadows. Over labor day weekend, I took leave of my senses and thought it would be a good idea to pain the pantry.

I hauled the contents out onto the dining room table and kitchen counters and got to work. I quickly slapped some paint on the walls so that I'd have to commit. Four coats of off-white paint covered the ceiling and 3 coats of wicker on the shelf walls and 2 coats of oatmeal on the big wall finally covered all the dark blue. I'm so glad that I finally got around to doing that. It's so much lighter now and doesn't feel quite so cave-like!


Keetha said...

I bet it feels great to have that done! It looks great.

As someone who painted over wallpaper then had to paint over the paint with primer, THEN had to to paint two more coats over that - before even starting on the cabinets - I can relate. Great work!

Erin said...

How did the painting over wallpaper go? I stripped the wallpaper that was in our house - and my stripped I mean that my mom, aunt, and grandmother did most of it for me. Wall paper is evil! Can't wait to see pictures of your new house!