Sunday, December 20, 2009


I can ignore a tiny hole in the armpit of a favorite t-shirt. I can ignore the fraying wrists. Especially when the shirt was purchased at Margaritaville almost 10 years ago.
But when the teeny hole becomes big enough to fit your hold hand through? It's time to retire.
But I didn't just throw it away, no I didn't. I now have a very cute Jimmy Buffett dust rag.


Keetha Broyles said...

LOL!!! when I was growing up my mom repurposed ALL t's and UNDIES in this way. I actually prefer to repurpose cotton socks as dust rags 'cause they fit so nicely over your hand!

Merry Christmas - - - go wild and crazy and have a ball dusting with Jimmy Buffett!

David said...

The weather SUCKS! Be glad you’re not here!

My co-driver and I have been fighting the big Northeast Blizzard all weekend. I drove I80 across Pennsylvania Friday night into early Saturday morning as the storm was ramping up. We got in front of the storm right about the PA/NJ line and were able to stay ahead of it all day Saturday. We’re on our way home now and are getting into nasty lake effect snow off Lake Erie just west of Buffalo, NY. Be home soon. Glad to know I haven’t seen the last of the “Weather Is Here – Wish You Were Beautiful” t-shirt.


Dawn said...

You should totally make a t-shirt quilt! You will just need the front of that t-shirt and at least 15-19 others. I'm sure you could scrounge them up somewhere! lol