Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sad Day for the Discovery

It started off as a relatively simple task with a very clear end goal. The two year license plate on the Discovery expires this month. I needed to get the truck inspected to be able to renew the tags. The day started off successfully. I got the windshield wipers working (more or less) and got the truck running well enough to drive to the shop to have the inspection done… or so I thought.

The Rover passed the inspection (I use the word “inspection” rather loosely here.) I’ve taken all my vehicles to the same guy to do my inspections since about ’97. His inspections are informal and he spends more time BSing and filing out the paperwork than he does on the actual inspection. All is going well with my day and I take victory lap thru Wendy’s to have a chocolate frosty.

The Land Rover dies in the drive thru line and will not start. I apologize to the guy behind me, grab my frosty and push the truck out of the way. I don’t have any tools with me – not even the ever present Leatherman. I determine that there is spark at the plugs and there is fuel at the fuel rail but alas the Rover will not fire. This is how me and my “trusty” Land Rover arrived home.

Sad day indeed. Inspection goal achieved but the looming question... what the hell is wrong with this thing?

One of my favorite pictures of the Discovery - when it was running well.:)


ge said...

Ummmm......upon looking at the "larger picture" I'm that part of a chocolate frosty on those fenders & wheels? Sorry about your day, David!

Keetha said...

My goodness! I'm so sorry about the Discovery.

(I thought Erin was writing this when I began reading and when it got to the part where she pushed the car out of the drive-thru line, I thought, "Whew! How badass is she?" Then I realized it must be David who was writing!")

Erin said...

Ha ha! Keetha you made me laugh - just picturing me doing that!

David said...

I guess the mud on the front fender does look a little like chocolate frosty. It is left over from the last time we went driving around out in the woods. It’s bad to leave it on the truck like that but my washing time has been spent on the Toyotas lately.

Keetha, I wouldn’t put it past Erin to push the Rover wherever she wanted it to go. Especially if she was pushing it to the wrecking yard.:)

No update yet on the cause of death. I started to mess with it this morning but quickly got sidetracked by a puppy who was more interested in playing tug-of-war.


Jocelyn said...

I had totally the same reaction as Keetha--I was all, "Damn, compared to Erin, I am no sort of woman, but know I really like her because she made sure to grab the frosty before pushing the car."

So now I know I like David, too.