Monday, May 3, 2010

Ten Years

Picture it...ArtsFest 2000. A much younger and "just-friends" version of David and Erin embark on the day's activities. On the agenda: the four wheel drive event at the fairgrounds and ArtsFest on Walnut. The weather was typical of ArtsFest weekend, cool and threatening rain. They enjoyed both events, stretching ArtsFest into dinner with friends on the porch of Ebbets Field. Not wanting the day to end, they rented a movie. Sometime during or after the movie, a first kiss. Being friends just got a lot more complicated. And a lot better.

Fast forward ten years. The naive couple of 2000 is married. House, pets, responsibilities. ArtsFest remains an important part of their spring. Rain or shine (or both, as was the case yesterday), it is a place to reconnect and remember. "Remember when we were just crazy kids? We had no idea what we were doing. What were we thinking?"

Ten years from now, and twenty, and thirty, I hope to be having that same conversation with David at ArtsFest. Remember when were just 33 and 39? We didn't have a clue. :)

**This post has been a challenge. First I put it on the wrong blog. Then the pictures quit showing up. Now a whole paragraph is underlined and I don't know why. I give up.

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Dawn said...

Congrats on 10 years... and here's to MANY, MANY more years to come!