Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vote for David's Pictures

David has a couple of truck pictures in a contest on the Expedition Portal website ( If chosen, his pictures will be on a 2011 calendar available on the site. If you have a moment, we’d really appreciate your vote. There’s no big prize to be won, but for David the thought of people looking at one of his vehicles for a whole month is prize enough.

You can see all of the options here (there are 54 from which to choose). David’s pictures are #11 and #12.

To vote, click the link below.

The survey will ask you two questions. The first question if for the picture that should be on the calendar cover (David and I chose picture number 47). Second, you may choose up to 12 additional photos for the individual months of the calendar. If you just wish to vote for David’s pictures, vote for #11 and #12.

You can vote once per computer, so if you use multiple computers, you can vote multiple times!

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