Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tour - The Kitchen

Every year, I take pictures of our Christmas decorations. One reason is that I like them, but it's also really handy to know what goes where the next year. No one else may be interested, but I thought I'd give you a tour just for fun. :)
I bought all of the old Santa mugs at a couple of antique stores after Christmas one year. The Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers and the cookie cutters were David's mom's.

This was also an after Christmas purchase one year. I thought the Raggedy Ann was cute.

This is a little tree on top of the fridge. It was the centerpiece for the bridal shower that my Aunt Connie hosted for me. It's got a little string of 25 lights and homemade and kitchen-themed ornaments. I looked everywhere for the old looking kitchen utensils and couldn't find them. When I mentioned this to my friend Robyn to ask her to keep an eye out for me, she said "I have those! You can have them." I just love this little tree!

My mom gave me this spoon ornament. I liked it too much for it to get lost on the tree, so it hangs from a cabinet in the kitchen. It's got a tiny tree with even tinier ornaments painted on it.

The little village is in the window all year. Just the tree and the candle are added at Christmas. I've seen some really neat candles for windows, but changing them out would require quite a few. I like these old ones anyway, and from outside they look great.

This new towel came from Prairie Garden when we went to visit David's sister and family.

Mr. Snowman makes an appearance every year. This year, I added the placemat under him. I've had a set of them for a few years, but rarely get them out.

That's it for the kitchen!

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Keetha Broyles said...

I like all your Christmas things. I like the way you have them all situated.

I feel the same way about my Christmas things - - - I like them, and we don't see them for very long each year!

I've also taken pictures of my "Christmas stuff" and I'll make some kind of a blog post with it a little later - - -

Merry Christmas, Miss Erin! I think having you as a bloggy friend is Christmas present enough for me!