Tuesday, December 7, 2010

N'Awlins Day Two

We woke up to a much quieter city than the one from the night before. Seems that folks in the French Quarter don't get up terribly early. A cold front was coming through, and the balmy heat from the day before had become a cold windy dampness. That didn't keep us inside though.We set off to see the sights, including this bicycle decorated with beads, and the mostly empty French Market. They were just getting set up as we were through. And if we Missourians thought it was a bit chilly, the people in New Orleans thought it was downright arctic!We stopped for a picture by the Missisippi before stopping for a tasty lunch of fried shrimp po-boy (David) and hot sausage po-boy (me). So yummy. I even ate one shrimp from David's sandwich. We continued on past the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square, especially beautiful on the gray day.After a nap (me) and some people watching from our balcony, we headed out again. After dinner, we headed back to Bourbon street to Maison Bourbon. We were here the last time we were in New Orleans and really liked it. Rather than the blaring music coming from some of the clubs, Maison Bourbon has live jazz. It's what I imagine New Orleans was 70 years ago. I took this picture when we arrived, and before we left, I think every seat was filled. I'm sure they get tired of playing When the Saints Go Marching In for the tourists, but it sounds better there than anywhere I've heard it.
Before we left, when people asked what we were going to do in N.O., we told them eat and walk around. So far we were right on track!

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