Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cave Springs Church

Several years ago when we were planning a wedding, David looked up churches that were on the historic register for our county. We visited a few, including this one in the tiny community of Cave Springs. We peeked in it's windows, and even talked to a woman working in her yard nearby. I think I called the pastor, but it didn't seat many and didn't have indoor plumbing so we didn't consider it for long.A week or so ago, it was in our newspaper as the "Home of the Week." Restoration is in progress to save the old building that was built once the Civil War ended.
Last weekend, they held an open house, so we went to check it out.
It was decorated with simple Christmas decorations, keeping with the era in which it was built.
Despite the outhouse (newly finished!), I think maybe we should plan another wedding! What a wonderful old building.
Besides, it would give people something to talk about. How many weddings have you attended where you had to use an outhouse? ;)


Keetha said...

Oh! I think you have to renew your vows. You have no choice. Riley needs to have a part in the wedding, too. Take pictures!

Erin said...

Keetha - I love it! Riley could be the ring bearer!