Saturday, January 7, 2012

Four Years on the Wedded Bliss Road

Time to catch up on this much neglected blog. I only managed 39 posts in all of last year. Maybe I'll do better this year - I'll shoot for 40 posts. ;)

Since I last checked in, we've celebrated our fourth anniversary, I went on vacation with my parents, we celebrated Christmas and New Year's, and enjoyed a visit with our friend who moved to Ohio. We'll soon be headed to Illinois for David's niece's wedding reception.

December 8, David and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. He brought me these beautiful flowers that look a lot like my wedding bouquet, and we had delicious beef burgundy for dinner.

For little favors at our wedding reception, we gave our friends and family a red ball ornament with our names and wedding date on ribbon tied on as a hanger. Not a Christmas has gone by since that someone doesn't mention that they thought of us when they decorated their tree. That always makes me smile. As we were getting the Christmas trees out of the attic this year, I saw a box of Christmas stuff that I don't normally get down. I sent it down the attic stairs to David, figuring I should go through it and decide what to do with the contents. What to my wondering eye should appear, but about 8 more boxes of those very ornaments! If anyone breaks theirs, we've got replacements handy!


Anonymous said...

Those two ornaments we received at your wedding get hung on our tree every year also. We love them. We especially remember your beautiful wedding and think of you on your anniversary as it is our oldest son's, Dean, birthday. Dan & Leila

Keetha Broyles said...

You "forgot" to invite me, so I never got my ornament.


4 years is nothing to wink at when some celebrities and others don't even make it 4 months!!

Here's to 40 posts in 2912!!sorsessi

Dawn said...

The boys and I hung ours on our tree like we do every year :)

MOM said...

Mother of the bride feels pretty special....I have a box of six wedding ornaments!