Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boats to Build

I'm gonna build me a boat 
With these two hands 
It'll be a fair curve 
From a noble plan 
Let the chips fall where they will 
Cause I've got boats to build 
Boats To Build, written by By Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson 
Performed by Jimmy Buffett with Alan Jackson
 Saturday morning we went to the Antique and Classic Boat Society's boat show at Big Cedar.  The great majority of the boats were made of wood and had been restored to a pristine condition.
 Someone said there were 110 boats in the show, but I didn't count. ;)
 No detail was too small for the craftsmen who built and restored these boats, even down to the paint on this motor.
 The oldest boat we saw was built in 1927.  The one above looks pretty retro, but is a 2012 model.
 I thought this was pretty clever!  The boat's name is Time Machine.  On the left, you "select" month and day, and the year on the right.  Pretty neat!
 These two little dogs cracked me up!  They were dressed in little nautical dresses.
It was neat to see the boats in the dock where we could check them out up close, but it was also fun to see (and hear!) them out in the water.

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