Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Drive

We often can be found on a Sunday driving somewhere.  Sometimes we wander, sometimes David has a destination in mind but I don't know it (like our trip to Oark, AR), and sometimes we have a particular mission.  Today we set off to check out Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas, where we hope to camp in October.

 On the way there, we took a detour to Jane, Missouri to check out another campground.  We were fortunate to run into the campground owner/manager/host?, Bill, who graciously gave us a driving tour.  It's quite a ways from anything, and I suspect it gets very DARK at night!  It was a beautiful area, with lots of moss-covered rocks.  The picture above was taken in the greater Jane metropolitan area, and we suspect it was once the post office though there was no sign.  I just thought it was such a neat building, especially with its fade patriotic bunting.

Next stop was at Five Guys Burgers in Rogers.  We had a certain furry traveler, so we opted to tailgate.  Ah, the things we do for that dog!  Five Guys did not disappoint.  We are eagerly (and impatiently) waiting for the 2 that have been promised in our own town.

 Next it was on to Devil's Den State Park, where we manage a picture with all three of us looking in the general direction of the camera.  It's a beautiful state park.  I checked out the shower facilities and deemed them acceptable. ;)  I even spoke words that I'm sure I'll live to regret..."I'm looking forward to coming back to camp!  I bet it's really pretty in the fall."  Yes, David, you can remind me of those words when I'm shivering and sniffling in the tent.
 After leaving Devil's Den, we came upon Winslow, AR which had a very cool tiny downtown area.  David read that the rocks on the front of this building came from the creation of a nearby railroad tunnel.
 On our way home, we stopped to check out a pumpkin stand that we'd seen on the way down.  They had the biggest selection of pumpkins and gourds that I think I've ever seen.  The white ones caught my eye as we drove buy, but we selected these beauties (and a tiny white one hiding) to bring home.
It was a great Sunday drive!


Anonymous said...

Now that's our kind of day. We love to take drives too. We have been to Devil's Den and the area.
Very nice. Maybe we can join the group for camping in the fall.

Dan & Leila

Keetha Broyles said...

Yep, NOW it is time to hail the fall, and NOT a month and a half ago when others began to do it!

Love this little adventure you embarked upon.

Never heard of Five Guys' Burgers, but if they are as good as you say, I WISH I'd hear of them soon!