Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Kitchen Remodel Really Starts!

Once we finally ordered the counters, 5 weeks seemed like forever.  But, as time does, it has flown and here I sit today listening to banging and clanging coming from our kitchen as the new countertops are installed.  
 Everything had to come out of the bottom cabinets and all the drawers had to be removed.  There were things in the far depths of the corner cabinet that I didn't even know we owned.  I could barely reach them and couldn't even see them without a flashlight.  May have to do some cleaning out before things go back in!
 I am a little sad to see these counters go  They've served well over several families and many years.
One last look at the old sink and not-so-old faucet!  David had to remove that trim under the window as the new backsplash will be slightly taller.  The trim will have to be cut down a bit and put back up.

It's a big day at our house!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Waiting with great anticipation - - -