Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Fall Weekend

It was a fun-filled fall weekend!  I took a vacation day on Friday so my mom and I could go to the annual Ozark Craft Fair.  There are fall fairs and festivals almost every weekend in September and October in the area, but this is one of my favorites.  Last year I bought a soy candle in a Mason jar, brought it home, and thought how cute it would look if I peeled off the label.  So I did and it did.  After lighting it, I liked it so much that I wished I had noted the e-mail address or the phone number on the label that was now long gone.  After many searches online and at other craft fairs, I came to accept that I would have to wait until Ozark's fair this year to restock.  I was glad to see the candle people in their regular spot!  Mom and I both bought candles, and I confirmed that I could call the couple who made them if I needed more.  Whew!  It's the little things in life that make me happy!

On Saturday, we looked at a house that is a little bit in the woods, but not too far from town.  It doesn't entirely fulfill our wish for more garage space for David, but we're still a little tempted.  I spent lots of time decorating in my head.  On the bright side, there is no charge for imaginary decorating, and it doesn't make you sore to move imaginary boxes!

On Sunday, we went to Farm Fest at the fairgrounds.  David seemed to enjoy pointing out all the tractors that he would need for the house that we looked at.  The house sits on just under an acre, so I think he must just want to play with tractors. :)

It seems not quite fair that the weekends can fly by so quickly!


Anonymous said...

One of my family reunions have been the same weekend as the Ozark Crafts Fair so i have missed it for several years now. We did enjoy the fall weekend camping out. It rained most of the day Saturday; however, the reunion was inside. It quit at sunset and we were able to have our traditional campfire.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that unknown post was from Leila.