Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Early Fall Fun

 On the weekend of my birthday, I went to an auction with my parents while David had to work.  I texted David a picture of this very creepy jack-in-the-box.  Don't you think that would frighten a child?  I told David I was bringing it home. ;)
 These pretty peaches came from an orchard about 30 minutes away.  They looked and smelled delicious!  As I spent an hour peeling 8 peaches, I was thankful that I do not have to can food for my family to eat through the winter.  If I can only peel 8 peaches an hour, we'd surely starve.  Instead of canning (because that is not going to happen!) I put the pieces in the freezer to have for a cobbler sometime.
Tis the season for many fall festivals.  We went to a very small one at a local park where they have an 1800's homestead set up.  I thought the light coming in through this old barn was so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Next time you have peaches to peel drop them in real hot water for maybe a minute The peelings will come right off.


Anonymous said...

We should plan our trip to Har-Ber Village in Oklahoma soon!!
Love, MOM