Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Month!

September is birthday month at our house.  David and I both have September birthdays, but my birthday this year seemed to go on and on.  I am spoiled!
I woke up on birthday morning to these very cute - and delicious - pirate donuts from David.  Jimmy Buffett sings a song called "A Pirate Looks at Forty" and if you have read the blog a long time, you know that we have had a couple of pirate themed 40th birthday parties for friends and for David's 40th.  This was NOT, I repeat NOT, my 40th birthday, but pirate donuts are fun for any birthday!
The week before my birthday, my Grandmother had taken a tumble and landed on her face.  We were thankful that she didn't break an arm or leg, but she did break her nose and was still pretty bruised a week later.  
 Mom brought the party on the road, so I enjoyed birthday cake with Grandmother and again with my Grandma that day.
 I wasn't at work on my birthday, but this fun surprise was waiting when I got back.  A birthday door!  For me! :)  I like it so much that it's still there.
We had a delicious lunch, and a cheesecake that my friend made from scratch. I also received the honor of a crown and magic wand for the day.  You get funny looks walking around like this!

It was an especially good birthday - thank you to all those who made it so!


Anonymous said...

Love the birthday door and the crown & magic wand!
What a great birthday!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were treated "royally" for several days.

Dan & Leila