Saturday, September 28, 2013

Water Dog

Every year before they drain the pools, our town hosts a Dog Swim at one of the city pools.  They don't chemically treat the pool on that day, so it's safe for the canines.  
 There were dogs of all shapes and sizes, some in life jackets like Riley.  There were lots of water-loving labs, and the funniest little dachshund swimming around in the middle of the pool.   Most of the dogs just socialized around the perimeter of the pool, but Riley was all about his racquetball and the water.  Other dogs tried to introduce themselves, but he had eyes only for that ball.
We stayed until Riley seemed to be worn out, but I'm not sure he was ready.  He spent the evening sacked out in his favorite chair.

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Anonymous said...

Riley, Grammy loves, loves, loves the video!! :)