Sunday, September 29, 2013

Camping Close to Home

A few weeks ago, our new-to-us camper made its maiden voyage to a nearby lake for the annual Bass Pro's Outdoor Days.
 I can be a reluctant camper, so David bribed me with these delicious cookies.  Have you had these?  They're delicious!
 This is our new pop-up camper.  It was great!  Riley loved laying on the bed and looking out the window.  It was like dog TV for him.  He was much more calm than in the tent where he can't see anything.
 It was hot hot hot the weekend we camped, so I was very thankful that David brought along our shade.
This isn't our pop-up at it's best, but look how roomy!  David has big plans for making this camper much cooler and off-road capable.  I know he's got lots of pictures of the progress of his project so maybe he'll make a blog post about it.  Pretty please, David? ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks Great!! We plan to use our Popup this weekend at a family reunion.

Anonymous said...

Forgot, that post was from the Parkers.

Anonymous said...

Good pictures!
Will have to buy some of those cookies for Dad!