Saturday, September 27, 2008

It All Started With A Loose Brick

Remember the broken snow globe that led to the painting of a room (and ceiling)? Many, or maybe most, or maybe all of our projects seem to snowball out of control. We see it coming, but are powerless to stop it. For a while, the first row of bricks on our front step have been a bit loose. One day recently, I stepped off the step and a brick fell off. The mortar that was holding the step on was laying on the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection, several other bricks were equally loose.
So...after getting a few estimates to repair the loose bricks, it became apparent that the best and longest lasting approach was just to start over with the whole step.
First, the bottom step was broken off. It was really loose and broke away easily. I mean, it looked like it came off pretty easy. I was a few feet away. You know - supervising. And by supervising I mean saying helpful things like "ooh! Watch the siding!" and "Poor hosta!" Helpful things like that.
The the top step was busted out. After much work by David and my dad, the final result looks like this:
A fresh clean hole for shiny new steps to go. Well, I hope they are not shiny. I prefer old looking things to shiny things.

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