Sunday, April 5, 2009


Grumbles today to dog ticks that fall off the dog and onto the floor. ICK! No worries - the tick in question is now just a messy spot on the sidewalk outside. More grumbles to the icy blast of Canadian air. Oh Canada, you can keep your nasty cold April air. We don't need it! It's extremely windy and I wonder how many of our old sheets will still be there in the morning.


Keetha said...

Saturday here was gorgeous - blue skies and seventy degrees. It's about 30 degrees cooler today.

Good luck with those sheets. :-)

Todd said...

Is that Tuley??!! You should just let him in rather than covering him up with a sheet!

When I was driving out of the hood this morning in the near daylight, it felt like halloween with all the ghostly sheets in the bushes and lawns.